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Urban Planning: The Canopy

Many metropolitan cities are designing unique ways to infuse their urban landscapes with green spaces  & lush landscaping. Such is the case with Orlando’s “Under I Project” which is being officially introduced as “The Canopy.”

Basically it’s a park underneath an overpass.  The  sustainable urban oasis hopes to achieve a few core goals. “The Canopy” will connect neighborhoods as a transportation hub. It will host short & long term parking, as well as a ride share zone. 

The park will be a space for gatherings, festivals, and cultural events. 

Creating pedestrian-friendly walkways & bike paths to encourage active lifestyles.

Cultural enrichment as a venue for art installations. 

The Canopy is expected to begin construction in early 2025 and is expected to take approximately 24 months to complete. Do you think this is a good idea and where do you want to see a similar project?

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