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The Top Three Most Popular 2021 Home Design Trends

Some real estate design trends are timeless, but others come and go. As a home owner, investor, or real estate agent, it’s essential you stay on top of popular trends. We’ve done the research for you, and discovered the top three unique trends that are taking over in 2021. With social media, it’s truly amazing how quickly new designs can be created and spread. Let’s explore:

2021 “Japandi” Design Trend:

How “hygge” are you? That’s the Scandinavian concept of coziness, not only in home design, but in how you should live. Now, fuse that idea with the Japanese focus on zen spaces, and you have one of 2021 newest design styles: Japandi.

Japandi is focused on warmth, elegance, and peace. Japanese interiors are mostly sleek and minimalist, while Nordic interiors are rustic and comfortable. Both are defined by natural wood like bamboo or bright pine.

Look for beautiful, handcrafted furniture pieces that are meant to last a lifetime. Bring in plenty of plants and greenery into the home, along with accents of green on the couches and beds.

Even though “maximalism” is on the rise, the clean and functional styles like Japandi are here to stay.

2021 “Cottagecore” Design Trend

If you spend any time on TikTok or Instagram, you’ve probably run across the hashtag #cottagecore.

This is a home fashion aesthetic popularized by teenagers and young adults, and it’s meant to celebrate a routine to an idealized rural farm life (funny how it’s just centered around decor, and not pulling your daily water supply from a well).

But there’s no doubt it’s a beautiful trend that makes a home feel so much more “lived-in” and romantically cozy. Here are a few ways you can integrate the look into your home:

Reclaimed wood and furniture are the anchors. Instead of brand new pieces in perfect shape, look for chairs with decades of character, older light fixtures, and original floorboards if possible.

Keep kitchen ingredients and utensils on display. Large glass jars for flour and sugar can rest on the counter tops. Put copper or cast iron pots and pans on open shelving. Place fruit or aromatic herbs in hanging baskets.

Fill your walls with landscape and country themed art. Look for old frames. Half of a worn down door used as a backdrop to art can look amazingly unique.

Even though “maximalism” is on the rise, the clean and functional styles like Japandi are here to stay.

Bonus: 2021 Interior Paint Design Trends

Embracing yellow as the color of the year. Pantone introduces a “color of the year”, and 2021’s is called “Illuminating”, a warm, calming yellow. Yellow has always been said to promote a feeling of happiness and optimism. Think about a field of marigold flowers, and how that might make you feel as you have breakfast in the morning.

Replacing cold grey with warmer earthy tones. This trend involves bringing in paint colors that resemble cedar wood, stone, or a gentle green. Rooms are feeling more like a “cocoon” of nature versus the minimalist and clean vibe that grey provides.

Adding stunningly bright accent colors. Turquoise door frames, red accent walls, and emerald kitchen cabinets are bold, unique, and bring an energy to your home that new visitors will always mention.

Perhaps because we’ve been stuck inside for over a year, the neutral greys and creams have become boring, or even suffocating. It’s great to see everyone reuniting with powerful colors, just like we are often surrounded by in nature.

Bonus: 2021 Landscaping Design Trends:

A beautiful landscaping job adds to curb appeal, neighborhood beauty, and the feeling of joy you get when returning home. A well-designed backyard can also become a place of relaxation and play for the entire family. Here are some of the landscaping trends we’ve seen in 2021.

Fully native plants. Many of the plants you can purchase at your local store aren’t necessarily from the area. That means they require a lot of care to keep them healthy. Native plants have learned to thrive with our temperatures, rainfall, and pests. They require much less work, and still make for a beautiful yard.

Hardscaping, or cutting back on empty grass. This is more popular in drier states, like Arizona. A large yard with nothing but grass is a huge drain on water, and the short root systems are terrible for creating nutritious and dense soil. You might see front yards designed around walking stones, raised garden beds, beautiful trees, and mulch, stone, or gravel to fill in the rest.

Private, warm, and relaxing outdoor living areas. You don’t even need a deck or patio to make a beautiful resting place outside. Hammocks, Adirondack chairs, hanging Edison light bulbs from trees, patio furniture, and even well-placed plant life can create a safe haven for reading, socializing, and watching the sunset.

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