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The Keys to Success in Real Estate, Family, and Community with Arlene Muldrew

Arlene Muldrew grew up in New York and Puerto Rico with three siblings, a hardworking mom, and a strong father. Today, she has a successful real estate career, a wonderful husband, an impressive education, two great children, and a giving spirit. We sat down with Arlene so she could share what she’s learned on building a healthy and happy life.



Living in Brooklyn showed Arlene just how important family can be. Her mother worked tirelessly at home while her father dealt with tuberculosis of the spine. But miracles were abundant: during her father’s third back surgery, his heart suddenly stopped. The doctors flipped him around, and restarted his heart right in the middle of the procedure! Both operations were a success.

“I just had to trust in the Lord that everything was going to be okay.”

Arlene’s family then moved to Puerto Rico in order to give the children a better environment in which to grow. Arlene was educated there until moving to Florida, completing high school in Brandon. Understandably, there was some culture shock.

“In Puerto Rico, you were discriminated against based on your economic status. Color or heritage wasn’t as big of a deal. In 1980 at Brandon High School, I was one of just four hispanic families that attended there. It was very different, but we made it through.”

Arlene had big plans for her life in the South. She started at Hillsborough Community College, then dove into accounting at Auburn University in Montgomery, Alabama (satalite campus in Montgomery). She started working as a mortgage broker in Alabama, but her heart led her and her husband, Bill, back to Florida.



Working in the mortgage industry was a great fit for Arlene. She had a knack for finding the best possible financing options in any situation. Even experienced homebuyers often don’t know what they need, or even their current credit score! Arlene advises anyone to watch their credit like a hawk, and save for a large down payment. Her background in lending allows her to assist her clients not only in finding the best house, but the best mortgage program suitable for their specific needs.

Arlene and her husband make a great team, raising their two children into successful adults. Her daughter works for Southeastern University, and her son is a Deputy K9 Officer! Bill is a Marine who proudly served our country, and Arlene makes it a point to stay on top of all the home financing programs available to veterans.

“In marriage, you need to learn how to communicate. Not just when things are going poorly, either. Tell your partner how you feel as often as possible. I believe God made us to care for each other.”

Today, Arlene works with Gate Arty & the Group – Keller Williams Realty. She has made her mark on the local area as one of Keller Williams’ top producers, with a long list of successful transactions. Arlene is great with both seasoned investors and first time buyers, calming the anxieties of anyone going through the buying or selling process.

“My favorite part of working with the Group is the leadership. I’ve never had someone care as much as Gate. Even when he was on vacation on the other side of the globe, he called to ask how I was doing. No one else in my entire career has ever done that!”



For many people, a loving family and a great job means you’ve made it. But Arlene isn’t one to sit around and get complacent. She loves volunteering for Victory Church in Lakeland. Arlene knows that God has played a huge part in guiding her life, and sharing those blessings with others is important.

For example, Arlene started donating meals to the Freedom Center every Thanksgiving for those who aren’t so fortunate. She started with 25 turkeys… and this year, she gave away 135 turkeys to the neighborhood!

You may see Arlene around town at some of her favorite spots, like Palace Pizza or Granger & Sons BBQ. If even thinking about the home buying or selling process makes you stressed, Arlene is the perfect agent for you. Connect with us and request Arlene as soon as you’re ready.

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