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The Heartwarming Things Our Agents Are Thankful For This Year

First and foremost: Happy Thanksgiving to you. If we aren’t careful, this holiday can fly by with our only focus being on travel, missing work, and making it through the dinner parties.

Join us as we bring Thanksgiving back to what truly matters. Here at Gate Arty & the Group, we’ve all agreed to slow down, love our families, and keep our spirits high. That’s why all of our agents wanted to let you know what they’re thankful for this year.

Read through what our agents said below. If something they said truly connects with you, shoot them a text and say hello! You might make a new friend who can bring more gratitude into your life.


Melissa Mottern:

“My family is my foundation and they are the reason for so much happiness I have in my life. I enjoy all the time that we get to spend together, no matter how far away from one another, we are always just a call away. My friendships are just an extension of my family! I am so lucky to have a solid group of friends that I consider family, including my work family. I would be lost without them.

You can talk to Melissa here: 863-860-1808


Hema Patel:

“I am very thankful to God for giving me a beautiful family and life. I am especially thankful for my extended family at Gate Arty & the Group: all my co-workers, our very smart and always helpful Admin Team, and Gate Arty, a great business partner, mentor and guide for my business.”

You can talk to Hema here: 863-670-7988


Denise Cardiff:

“I’m thankful for prayers. Both answered and unanswered. I’m thankful for family, friends, and the relationships that create “our village”. We love and learn from all of them. And of course, I’m thankful for modern medicine and the opportunities for health it brings.”

You can talk to Denise here: 863-944-6349


Arlene Muldrew:

“I’m so grateful for so many of my clients impacting my life, and allowing me to help them find a house for their families for the first time, or increasing their real estate portfolio. It’s been a true blessing this year. God has blessed me by getting me through some rough times medically. I was able to travel, meet new people in real estate, and enjoy life with family and friends.”

You can talk to Arlene here: 863-255-1813


Joe & Jenni Fritsche:

“This year we are thankful for our clients that have become friends. We are so thankful for Gate Arty and the Group, and Keller Williams Realty. They are truly an amazing group of people. We are grateful for the support and friendships that have allowed us to become better agents and better serve our clients. We are so thankful for our family and the many blessings we have been given this year.”

You can talk to Joe & Jenni here: 863-602-6060


Jonathan Shelnut:

“This Thanksgiving, I’m reminded of my gratitude toward helpful and authentic colleagues. Thankful for surrounding myself with supportive people who have integrity and transparency. I am also very appreciative of the health of my loved ones and me.”

You can talk to Jonathan here: 863-944-8731


Cathy Oliver:

“I’m thankful for the strong women in my life. The mom who is single for the first time, the mom that just bought her first home, the mom that is struggling with a cancer stricken child and holding it all together the best she can. All of these women strengthen me each and every day. This is my team. Wouldn’t trade it for the world.”

You can talk to Cathy here: 863-286-6732


Matt Wright:

“I was reflecting on what I’m thankful for this year. Many things come to mind, but if I had to make a short list… At the top would be my health, my friends, my family, also the hope that many more experiences and memories can be made from these relationships.”

Talk can talk to Matt here: 863-274-0705


Dianne Herrera:

“Thankful for family that are friends, friends that are family, and our new home!”

You can talk to Dianne here: 863-812-3655



Laura Hurd:

“This year more than ever, I am thankful for my family. I am also thankful for my friends who constantly support me. I give thanks for being a part of Gate’s team as well. They are the hardest working and kindest people, and I am honored to work alongside them.”

You can talk to Laura here: 863-397-9954


Mike Hamic:

“I’m grateful that I still have both my Mom and Dad, for the rest of my family that mean so much to me. I’m grateful for the wonderful friends I have, and for Keller Williams and Gate Arty & the Group making selling real estate so much better. I’m grateful that God continues to keep His hand on me.”

You can talk to Mike here: 863-529-5000


Tina & Darren Moreno

“We are so grateful for our family, our son, and a roof over our heads. Professionally, we are thankful for our customers who continue to use and refer us to their friends and family.”

You can talk to Tina & Darren here: 863-860-8876



Stephen & Madalyn Batman:

“Batmans are thankful this year for lessons learned, silver linings, pressure that promoted our growth, endless backup from an amazing group of colleagues and friends, and learning how to trade temporary happiness for constant joy.”

You can talk to Stephen & Madalyn here: 863-608-1618


Mari Meadows: 

“I’m thankful for my family, beautiful children, and the best Doberman Max. Also, so incredibly thankful for my career change with the Group.”




Remember, leave us a comment with what you’re thankful for!

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