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Social Media Advice From Gate Arty & the Group, Named #1 Social Real Estate Presence in Lakeland

Property Shark recently listed the top #15 social media profiles of real estate agents in Lakeland. Thanks to the incredible positive energy of our team and brokerage, Gate Arty & the Group took the #1 spot, supplemented with plenty of other highly recognizable agents in the area.

Here are a few tips to make sure your social media profile can stand out as well.

1. Invest in high quality photography and a fully built-out page.

In many industries, the design of the product is becoming the product. It doesn’t matter that the latest Google Pixel phone has better hardware than the latest iPhone, because the iPhone has invested so heavily in design. Treat your social media profiles in the same fashion. Until you have the time to explain to your client your competitive advantage, make sure you stick out from the rest of the competition with beautiful photos, and a highly organized layout.

2. Talk about others as much as you talk about yourself.

Especially in real estate, it can sometimes feel like all you have to talk about is your listings, closings, and promotional material. Make sure you are having some fun, too. Share the stories of your clients, and advice you might have on buying or selling. Celebrate local events and successes. Engage in conversation with other local business leaders.

3. Make sure your profile is leading clients into your pipeline.

Where does the link in your Instagram bio lead? Are you posting videos that allow viewers to open a messenger conversation with your page? Are you occasionally posting a marketing message with a direct call-to-action? If you follow rule #1 or #2, you will have much more leeway when it comes to purely promotional posts.

Check out the link to the Property Shark article to view some of Lakeland’s best agents, and see what they are doing with their profiles. Follow rule #2: like, follow, and reach out!

And of course, read our blog, like us on Facebook, and follow us on Instagram!

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