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Leaving The Corporate World For The Freedom of Real Estate with Denise and Peter Cardiff

It was astounding to hear about the business adventures and accomplishments of the power couple Denise and Peter Cardiff, both successful real estate agents with Gate Arty & the Group – Keller Williams Realty. We sat down with them to learn more about what it takes to make the leap from the corporate world to the excitement and growth of real estate.



Over thirty years, from Pennsylvania, Georgia, South Carolina, and finally Lakeland, Denise and Peter both built business after business. Newspapers, restaurants, bowling centers, golf courses, and event centers all flourished under their ownership and management.

“A diverse group of businesses like that can be very challenging. But you make a ton of friends, and get to take really exciting risks,” Denise said.

You can gain an overwhelming amount of experience during these adventures, but it’s not without its drawbacks.



When you work as hard as Denise and Peter, something eventually has to give. All of that struggle and hustle took its toll. On one of the worst days of their lives, Peter suffered a stroke while swimming laps in the pool. Denise was devastated. Peter underwent brain surgery and, over time, he has since recovered completely. As Denise reflected, she decided that concentrating solely on real estate was the best path forward for them.



Real estate isn’t easy. You need to be on the top of your game every single day. It’s takes work. But what real estate provides that other careers do not is freedom. And when you feel free, and enjoy working for yourself, you can be much more motivated and dedicated than ever before.

That’s exactly what Denise and Peter wanted. When they started with Keller Williams and joined Gate Arty & the Group, they were blown away by the level of support and training.

“This isn’t like other brokerages; we’re a family. There’s not a moment of the day that you can’t call someone for help. Some of the team is up at the crack of dawn, and others are night owls. Whatever you need, someone is always there for you.

One time, I was struggling after a major health incident. I had only been with Gate Arty & the Group for a few months. As I was recovering, flowers showed up at my door. I asked everyone if they’d sent them, and no one fessed up.

Guess what? It was Gate, giving me support and letting me know the team had us covered for as long as I needed.

Our business has grown dramatically over the years, with million dollar sales months, and many many satisfied clients. We love this business.”



Denise and Peter enjoy a wonderful home along with four rescue dogs! Denise loves nothing more than helping Great Danes and Labradors find a forever home. They both enjoy Lakeland, and can often be found listening to live music at The Lakeland Loft Jazz Bar.

Denise says that real estate is their total focus for the future. The Cardiff’s work great with both first-time homebuyers and seasoned investors. Nothing makes them happier than seeing a satisfied client! We recommend you reach out to them as soon as you can to get a quote on your current home value, or a customized report with listings you might find interesting.

They are hugely positive about the future and look forward to every day. “It’s a wonderful life.”

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