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One Word From A College Football Coach Turned Daryl Ash Into A Real Estate Powerhouse

Orangewood and The Bottom: two neighborhoods in Lakeland that never received the attention they deserved. Our citizens who grew up in those areas faced challenges that turned them into strong and resilient individuals. It was no different for Daryl Ash, now a successful real estate agent with Gate Arty & the Group – Keller Williams Realty.

Back then, Daryl was just a 7-year old boy, obsessed with football. The neighborhood was all about competition: it’s how you found friends and built confidence. Daryl also did very well in school, thanks to his drive, intelligence, and supportive mom.

At 15, Daryl stumbled across Rich Dad Poor Dad by Robert Kiyosaki. His mother bought the additional cassette tapes and board games for Daryl, who fell in love with the principles and lessons they contained. Even at this young age and dead set on playing football, he was already thinking about how to invest in real estate, and avoid the pitfalls of almost every successful athlete in the past.

Daryl graduated high school with multiple college credits, a nursing certificate, and his choice of universities where he could play football. He went to USF, transferred to Presbyterian College in North Carolina, and then back to USF after he realized how important his hometown, family, and heritage was to him.

After a few extremely successful academic semesters at college, the age-old clash between sports and grades began. Daryl’s performance started to slip as he spent more time on the field, and coach wasn’t going to allow it. It was a heartbreaking moment a few months later when Daryl was told to get off the fully-loaded bus, and watched his team drive away to the next game without him.

On that day, everything changed.

For Daryl, life without football felt empty. But after a few very dark weeks, something clicked. Daryl got out of bed, and rummaged through his things until he found it: Rich Dad, Poor Dad.

He went from 0 to 100, reading 2-3 books a week on finances, investing, personal growth, business, and more. Daryl devoured every resource available to him on finding success; nothing was ever going to force him to miss the bus again.

Daryl found a mentor, something he says is absolutely essential for a growing entrepreneur. His mentor told him that success leaves clues: find someone who has what you want, and copy them. So when Daryl jumped into real estate, he went with Gate Arty & the Group.

Daryl loved everything about how Gate and the rest of the team did business. Again, he modeled his tactics and strategies from those who had been there before: their training, tools, and even attitude.

Just like everyone’s first steps into real estate, there were challenging times. When deal after deal fell through, Daryl was pushed to the limit of his discipline and dedication. But when everything seemed lost, one simple word from his past college football coach crept into his mind:


So he didn’t quit, and never will. The deals started closing. Business was moving. Then HGTV called, and put him on their show. Things were really rolling now, and it brings us to today. Daryl Ash is an integral agent with Gate Arty & the Group, taking full advantage of everything Keller Williams has to offer.

Daryl is currently moving into real estate investing, and knows how to communicate effectively with current investors. He knows how to take advantage of the market, and which deals are beneficial. Make sure to connect with Daryl for any of your real estate needs, from buying your first home to purchasing your next investment property.

One of Daryl’s passions, now that he has reached success in real estate, is to give back. He currently serves the Salvation Army, and is constantly looking for ways to improve the Lakeland area: especially the families and neighborhoods that raised him into the man he is today.

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  • Rashell Neely
    Written on

    Daryl Ash is an amazing young man, his zeal for real estate and giving back to others is incomparable. Thanks for all that you do.

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