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Creative DIY Halloween Home Decoration Ideas

I’ve collected a few of my favorite Halloween home decoration ideas. Most of these are easy and creative DIY options the entire family can do together!

Reprinted paranormal family portraits.

This is a huge crowd pleaser. Take your favorite family photos out of their frames, scan them, and print a copy in black and white on card stock. Get a string of red lights, and poke them through the paper for glowing eyes. Add some fake fangs and spider webs for effect!

Traffic cone witch hats.

There are cheap cones at Lowe’s, or a ton of free ones on Main Street right now (please don’t). Use black spray paint and make a golden buckle from construction paper. If you have kids, they can add their own shapes on the hat with more paper or pipe cleaners.

Candy corn candle holders.

Many people already keep candles in these glass vases, so this is a simple upgrade. With a similar color scheme as Thanksgiving, you could probably get away with completely forgetting about these for months. Consume at your own risk.

Printable paper bats.

There are so many bat templates online to print out on black construction paper. Fold out the wings for a 3D look, and stick them in flight patterns with some tack or double sided tape. They look great flying up your stairway.

Constellation pumpkins.

What a cool twist on a classic jack-o-lantern. Pick your favorite constellations and punch them out with a screwdriver for the stars and a slim knife to connect them. Painting the pumpkin black really makes these look unique.

Simple spider-web wreaths.

Wooden embroidery hoops, pull-apart webbing, and these plastic spiders are all extremely inexpensive at Hobby Lobby. You could easily make a few of these and pass them around to your neighbors for $20!

Paper lantern moons.

You can take those paper bat cutouts and attach them to a white spray-painted paper lantern. Add some grey splotches for a more convincing “moon”.

A “Monster House” doorway.

This is a great one for trick or treaters. Cut out teeth and scary eyes from white, yellow, and black felt. The kids will get a kick out of it every time you open the door!

The haunted house guest.

This one is so easy. Pick up a plastic skeleton yard decoration, and sit it in a chair. Cover it with a white sheet and it will look like the “abandoned furniture in the haunted attic” movie trope. Keep the feet sticking out for fun.

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