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    This Week’s Secret Ingredient is… Mari Meadows.

    By Gate Arty | October 20, 2020

    This week’s 🍳 secret ingredient is… Mari Meadows. As a self-proclaimed master chef (more research here is required… please bring us 🍽  food), she knows the recipe for a great home buying or selling experience. Learn a little more about our family member and 🎥  rockstar agent, Mari! Read More

    Download Our Free Home Maintenance Checklist PDF

    By Gate Arty | October 13, 2020

    Are your home maintenance chores overwhelming? As part of my Healthy Home series, I created a free simple checklist to follow each month! Just fill out the form below and we will email it to you. Download Here: Email Address * First Name * Last Name * Read More

    Ashley Bearden, Master Negotiator.

    By Gate Arty | October 9, 2020

    Looking for a master negotiator as a real estate agent? Imagine how easily Ashley Bearden works with buyers and sellers when she was a counselor for teenagers in the juvenile justice system… Ashley is a wonderful mother and businesswoman with a great heart. Learn more about how she can help with your real estate goals. Read More

    Lakeland Home Buying Market Insights

    By Gate Arty | July 1, 2020

    Subscribe here to get the updated market report sent to your email each month! Email Address * First Name * Last Name *     AUGUST, 2021 LAKE MORTON HISTORIC DISTRICT Data organized as: *last month / this month* Active Listings: 4 / 4 Pending Listings: 9 / 12 Avg. Days on Market: 61 /... Read More

    Saying Thank You and Happy Holidays to Our Clients, Team, and Community

    By Gate Arty | December 17, 2019

    As we all gather next week with our families and friends, we want to wish you a very Merry Christmas. Our team had a wonderful year, filled with stories, successes, and of course, struggles. That’s the best part of working with each other: the support you receive from other agents. In December, we hosted another... Read More

    The Heartwarming Things Our Agents Are Thankful For This Year

    By Gate Arty | November 25, 2019

    First and foremost: Happy Thanksgiving to you. If we aren’t careful, this holiday can fly by with our only focus being on travel, missing work, and making it through the dinner parties. Join us as we bring Thanksgiving back to what truly matters. Here at Gate Arty & the Group, we’ve all agreed to slow... Read More

    How Early Fatherhood Catapulted Matt Wright Into Buying His First Business at Just 21 Years Old

    By Gate Arty | October 31, 2019

    You might know Matt Wright as an agent with Gate Arty & the Group… or, you might know him as the best barber in town. Matt was born and raised in Central Florida, and now owns and operates Matt’s Barber Shop (keep it simple, right?). His career in real estate is growing quickly, and may... Read More

    From Bangladesh Wealth to Gas Station Employee, Shahed’s Transformation into Real Estate Success

    By Gate Arty | September 13, 2019

    “I was so sick of the lifestyle, the wealth. I wanted to be uncomfortable, and I wanted to grow.” Shahed Iqbal, a top agent with Gate Arty & the Group, has an incredible story of personal change. From his family’s mansion in Bangladesh to his one-bedroom apartment in Lakeland, Shahed knew what he had to... Read More

    $750 of Home Renovations That Can Increase Your Sale Price by $5,000 or More

    By Gate Arty | August 8, 2019

    There’s no doubt about it—a well-staged and renovated house will sell for more money. How much effort should you put into staging your house? If you follow every tip in this article, it would cost about $750 and require about 30 hours of work. Does that sound like a big investment? When you consider the... Read More

    Real Estate is A Marathon. Laura Hurd Sprints Marathons.

    By Gate Arty | July 11, 2019

    Laura Hurd is a dedicated runner, and knows the keys to success are focus, commitment, and hard work. That’s what makes her such a wonderful real estate agent, and we’re happy to have her on the team. She currently holds the speed record for office coffee runs… but all of our cups are completely spilled... Read More