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Around The World With Mike Hamic, and Why Lakeland Beats NYC

“Well… Life is good.”

If there was one catch phrase to sum up Mike Hamic, that would be it. Mike is an excellent real estate agent with Gate Arty & the Group – Keller Williams Realty. We sat down with Mike for an in-depth interview, trying to learn exactly how he built such a positive outlook on things.



Mike was raised in Lakeland, and loves it here. However, a strong desire for adventure took him to New York City, Los Angeles, Dallas, and more throughout the years.

“Living in those cities was an eye opening experience. I was just a home-grown Lakelander, and now I was exposed to all of these new cultures, restaurants, nightlife, and art. Putting myself in new places was a huge part of my growth as an individual.”

When we asked about his career during these times, Mike had to laugh.

“I was just being myself. When you have fun no matter what you’re doing, people like to keep you around. I was given awesome opportunities tending bar or assisting in the entertainment industry, and was even flown across the country for parties. My secret weapon was my jokes, but of course you’re not going to print any of those.”



Eventually, Hamic felt the urge to come back to Lakeland. It was home, after all. The crowds and day-to-day stresses of those big cities started to get old. He missed the backyards of homes in the historic district, and shopping at places like Publix.

After the dust settled, Mike knew he needed a new adventure. He jumped into real estate at an incredibly challenging time, when interest rates on mortgages were reaching over 18%. Despite all of the hurtles, Mike succeeded quickly in a career that was built for his personality.

“A real estate agent should do so much more than just sell a home. They need to be experts in the local area, helping newcomers get a feel for the city and the neighborhoods. I love driving new clients around, swapping stories and showing houses.”



And that’s the Mike we see in front of us now, the one who told us life is good:

“I’m tight with my family and my friends. Work is great. The support I get at Gate Arty & the Group is incredible. When my brother passed away, when I battled cancer, they were all there for me. Not a single phone call or appointment was missed. We’re on the cutting edge of real estate here when it comes to technology and systems, but it’s really the people that make it such a strong and successful team.”

Now, Mike makes time for his passions, like travel and cooking. He loves French and Italian cuisine, along with local gems like Nineteen61 and The Red Door. If you’re looking to buy or sell a home, Mike is your man. Just be careful, or you might get caught up with Mike’s infectious search for a celebration. It’s not our fault if you end up on a flight to Los Angeles with him, laughing at one of those jokes we’re not allowed to share.

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