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How to Organize Every Room in The House

An organized home is a Healthy Home! We went through every room of a house and gave the best ideas possible on how to stay organized. Have you ever thought about hiding your TV with removable art, or using a bookcase in your bathroom for shelving? Let’s go through and organize your home together:

Garage Organization Ideas:

Peg board and tool outlines. Install some peg board and tool hooks, then draw an outline of each hanging tool with a sharpie. You (and your family) will always know where to return each item, or what has gone missing.

Shelving and tubs. Head to Lowe’s and pick up multiple shelving units (open on all sides with no cabinet doors) and clear, heavy duty plastic tubs. Almost every single item in your garage can be appropriately stored away on a shelf or inside a properly labeled tub.

Ceiling storage. For lesser used items, like spare lumber or holiday decorations, take advantage of the ceiling. You can purchase pre-made hanging shelves, use screw-in hooks, or 2x4s to craft your own.

Closet Organization Ideas:

Over-the-door hanging organizers. You’ve probably seen these, with at least a dozen pockets for storage. Use them for shoes, rolled-up belts, hats, or anything else that doesn’t fold or hang well.

Towel bars or command hooks. The side walls of a closet are often unutilized space. You can hang ties or scarves along the towel bars. Command hooks can hold purses, hats, jewelry, and much more.

Ikea dressers or shelves. You don’t need to build a permanent closet organization system. Plenty of Ikea (or similar) furniture is perfect for these smaller spaces. Put a short dresser underneath your hanging clothes bar, or slim bookcases in the corners.

Re-organize seasonally. You probably don’t need quick access to your heavier winter gear in a Florida summer. Use flat storage bins and slide all of those jackets under the bed for the rest of the year.

Wicker baskets. If you have shelves (or open floor spaces), pick up a few matching wicker baskets. These look great, can be pulled out for easy access, and hold all sorts of hard-to-hang items.

Kitchen Organization Ideas:

Over-the-sink drying racks. If you have delicate kitchenware or don’t use a dishwasher, you probably have a drying rack taking up space on the counter. There are over-the-sink drying racks that hold a large amount of dishes and utensils, along with helpful supplies like soap and towels.

Custom Tupperware storage racks. We’ve all experienced the cabinet that avalanches out plastic containers when opened. There are now a wide variety of storage options made specifically for all shapes and sizes of containers. Sort, stack, and save space to your heart’s content.

Open shelving. Although most kitchen walls are covered in cabinets, there is likely space underneath them or a blank wall. Install some beautiful wood shelving, and put your favorite kitchen items (or most used) on display. Small hooks underneath the shelves are great for hanging coffee cups as well.

Rolling kitchen carts. Ikea has a few great options for these short, three-story carts. These can easily be stored in an unassuming place, and hold a ton of kitchen supplies. If you have a formal dining area, these carts are great for holding all the table setting utensils and plates. Just roll the cart out and set the table with ease.

Home Office Organization Ideas:

A paper purge. There are so many opportunities to go digital these days. Pay as many bills as you can online, scan in any important documents (even by just taking an HD photo with your phone), and toss the rest. A home office without paper clutter everywhere makes a huge difference in your focus.

Utilize your wall space. A minimalist desk looks great and keeps you on task. Your walls can contain cork board, shelves, white boards, mail slots, and much more.

A charging center. There are different options for these (most of them built for the Apple user). The charging center can keep your laptop cord in place, provide wireless charging platforms for your phone and headphones, and a spot to hang your smart watch.

Drawer organizers. Pens, notepads, additional electronics, and other office supplies can quickly get out of order. A few drawer organizers will keep everything in place. You can even throw some labels on them for easy and efficient pickup.

Dual desks. Are you a couple or a parent? What if you put another desk and chair across the room? Now, both of you can work together in peace, or watch your child do homework while you finish up work.

Bedroom Organization Ideas:

A bedside multi-pocket holder. If you like a sleek, minimalist look to your nightstand, Try this pocket holder that folds over your bed frame. You can hold electronics, books, reading glasses, and more.

A mirror and jewelry closet combo. These beautiful full-length and backlit mirrors open to reveal a storage closet with hangers and shelves. Instead of jewelry clogging up your dresser or bathroom, hide it away right where you need it: selecting your pieces in the mirror each morning.

An end-of-bed bench with storage. If you have the space, a bench at the end of your bed is a great look and adds additional storage inside. This is a prefect for bedding, unused clothes, or even cleaning supplies.

Bedside shelving instead of tables. If you’re short on space, consider installing one or two shelves near each side of the bed. They can hold your reading lamp, phone, and a book just fine.

Using under the bed space. Some assembled furniture actually allows you to lift the entire mattress and boards to access storage below. However, wicker baskets that slide in and out from under the bed work for clothing overflow.

Bathroom Organization Ideas:

A slim, freestanding bookcase. Not just for a living room, bookcases can add a huge amount of additional storage to the bathroom. Rolled up towels look great here.

Containers on the inside of cabinet doors. Some tall plastic containers with a few Command strips can add 50% to your storage space.

A caddy for each family member. Plastic caddies for each person’s shampoo, hair products, and other supplies make for such an easier experience. Kids can even keep their caddies in their room to avoid any conflicts, and cleaning becomes a breeze.

Multi-level organizers. You’ve probably seen these suction cupped to the corner of the shower, usually with three levels for storage. But you can also adjust them for the corner of your sink top/vanity, or even on the floor for items like toilet paper.

Living Room Organization Ideas:

Hide your TV with a vertical art lift. The living room shouldn’t just be a “stare at the TV zone.” You can rearrange your furniture to face each other for conversation and connection. Using a mountable vertical art lift, you can slide a beautiful picture in front of your TV. You’d be surprised how much less you use it when it is hidden.

Create a play zone. Remember those rugs that had cities and roads on them for hot wheel cars? Put something like that and a toy chest in the corner of the living room. Help children understand this is where toys are put away after each session, and reward them accordingly.

Use a short dresser behind the couch. If you have a centralized couch, this is usually under-utilized space. A slim, short dresser with plenty of drawers is an awesome spot for storage.

Hang plants on the ceiling. Not only does this free up space on the tables, it adds a beautiful depth and feeling of nature into the living room.

Store remotes in a hollowed out book. Many craft stores have large tomes that can be used as a box. Putting one of these on the coffee table looks great and keeps your remotes in one place.

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