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Home Types: Craftsman Style Homes

Craftsman style homes have been a popular choice for homeowners since the late 19th century. This architectural style emerged in the United States as a reaction against the mass-produced, ornate Victorian architecture of the time. Instead, craftsmen sought to create simple, functional homes that reflected the beauty of natural materials and the handcrafted tradition. Today, the popularity of craftsman style homes continues to grow as more people seek out the unique character and charm of these distinctive houses.

Distinguishing Characteristics of Craftsman Style Homes:

  • Low-Pitched Rooflines – One of the most distinctive features of a craftsman style home is its low-pitched roofline. This design element is meant to blend in with the surrounding landscape and give the home a cozy, inviting feel.
  • Exposed Beams – Many craftsman style homes feature exposed wooden beams that showcase the beauty of the natural materials used in construction. These beams often run across the ceilings and provide a rustic touch to the interior design.
  • Wide Front Porches – Craftsman style homes often feature wide front porches that encourage outdoor living and provide a space for socializing with neighbors. These porches are usually supported by tapered columns that give the home a strong, sturdy appearance.
  • Dormer Windows – Another defining feature of a craftsman style home is the use of dormer windows. These windows are often set into the roofline and provide additional light and ventilation to the upper levels of the home.
  • Built-In Furniture – Craftsman style homes often feature built-in furniture, such as bookshelves, window seats, and cabinets. This design element adds both functionality and charm to the home.

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