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2022 Interior Home Design Trends

After taking a look (literally) at the exterior home design trends of 2022, we’re heading indoors to see what types of colors, furniture, and room layouts are going to be popular this year!

Emerald Green Decor and Accent Walls

Searches for “emerald green home decor” have skyrocketed in 2022 on websites like Etsy. It’s a vibrant darker green hue which adds luxury to the home.

Emerald green is a fantastic accent wall color, especially when combined with patterns or white crown moulding. You can also find emerald green couches, bedding, or large artwork that can become the colorful centerpiece of the whole room.


Retail managers and design consultants are seeing an increase in requests for colorful and unique tableware.

We’ve had decades of clean white plates and silver spoons. Now, people are creating color palettes with their glasses, bowls, and additional table decor.

Sculpted and Curved Furniture

For years, we’ve been filling our homes with grayscale and straight-edged furniture. The IKEA dresser style isn’t going anywhere, especially when it comes to rentals or college dorms. But home owners with an eye for design are increasingly seeking out unique and artistic furniture.

I’ve chosen a picture here where you can see plenty of examples. The couch is something totally new. The tables, chairs, and vases are all rounded and form-fitting. It also helps to keep some structured lines in the room that anchor the design, like the bookshelf in the corner.

Bold Patterns of The 80’s and 90’s

One of the cyclical trends returning in 2022 is bold patterns. Take a look at this bedroom wallpaper and the variety of natural greens. The centerpiece art above the bed adds a really sharp contrast.

This looks a bit like the “maximalism” trend we saw in 2021, which is filling a space with things that make you happy and comforted versus minimalism and openness.

Sustainable Choices

When we think of sustainability, it’s usually about our disposable choices: containers, packaged foods, and home supplies. But more and more, sustainability is becoming a big purchasing factor when it comes to furniture and home decor.

Home owners are seeking out antique furniture, purchasing new pieces made out of recycled materials, and even creating DIY tables and bookshelves.

Again, IKEA will always serve its place for college students, renters, and those who just enjoy the minimalist and clean style. But sustainability and mix-and-match pieces really compliment the rise in maximalism and bolder patterns.

“Coastal Grandma”

Lovingly coined by Gen-Z on TikTok, this one will look familiar.

A young influencer started a TikTok account inspired by Diane Keaton’s home in the 2003 movie, Something’s Gotta Give.

But for many Floridians, it looks like every other swanky coastal beach house we have.

Look for lightweight curtains, amber lamps, wicker baskets, shells, and “Hamptons” style architecture.

It’s cool to see this style finding its place in more landlocked areas of the country!

Which 2022 interior design trend is your favorite?

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