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2022 Exterior Home Design Trends

The team has been watching a few design trends pick up steam in the last quarter, and they will likely remain quite popular in the new year. In this blog post, we’re going to outline some of our favorites. Perhaps you’ve already taken on some of these style choices in your own home!

Color Blocking

Color blocking is painting larger portions of your home a darker option than the rest of the house. You’re probably seeing more black and white color blocked homes around the area and online.

You can do it with complementary colors, as well. Just try and avoid using two of the same shades (light or dark) together. If this is too big of a change to make, you can color block by adding painted shutters, trim, and a door.

Natural Textures

Although this style has been popular for a while, it shows no signs of slowing down in 2022. Natural textures means adding warmth to your exterior with light woods, aged brick, and stone. These all pair beautifully with the black and white color scheme we highlighted last week.

You can place stone as an accent along the bottom third of your facade. It adds depth and presence to the home from the curb. Light woods make for beautiful columns on a porch or portico. Brick can be used for the visible foundation of your porch, and a brick chimney is a timeless part of many of our historic homes.

Materials Made to Last

In the explosion of new building over the last five or more years, manufacturers have found ways to create cheaper materials with faster production times. Last year and continuing in 2022, homeowners are increasingly selecting quality materials that are made to last instead.

For instance, engineered wood siding is being used to replace cedar: SmartSide is a termite and fungus resistant brand that comes with a 50 year warranty. There is also fiber cement siding, made of cement but resembling wooden boards. It’s fire resistant too.

Besides these options, vinyl siding has evolved to be more durable with more choices in style. Brick or brick veneer is still popular, and matches last week’s natural textures design trend.

Serious Outdoor Living Spaces

As some of us spend more time at home during the day, we have the opportunity to enjoy the outdoors. Homes have followed suit with a big focus on patios, fireplaces, outdoor kitchens, fountains, pools, and more.

Providing ample seating is still the priority, and you’ll see a wide variety of options. Cheap patio furniture is no longer cutting it, so homeowners are investing in more luxurious pieces.

Especially with Florida summers, covered spaces like pergolas and gazebos are becoming popular. When these are permanent fixtures you can install fans, grills, gas fire pits, and other amenities. You can make a space that’s not only a joy for your families, but also your guests.

PS: You can’t go wrong with those hanging Edison bulb lights.

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